It’s the reward program that Marival Group® created in gratitude for your preference and loyalty. By visiting any of the Marival Partner Shops or affiliated centers you get great discounts and you receive points according to the amount of your purchases in each of your visits, which are recorded on your MARIVAL access® card. Those points can be trade for great items.

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These are companies that offer great discounts with MARIVAL access®, depending on your card level: Basic 15 %, Loyalty 20 % & Plus 25%; and give you the equivalent points for each purchase.

These companies were chosen for their quality in products and customer service, and the unique experiences they offer.

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Are those prestigious companies in the region which have strategic alliances that strengthen the use of MARIVAL access® card.

No discounts granted for each type of card, but they do provide discounts and exclusive benefits for our MARIVAL access® members.

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New affiliate companies

  • Fleurale, flowers and events
  • 20% discount on floral arrangements.
  • Discount on Hiring wedding five or more centerpieces, gift bridal bouquet.
  • Does not apply with other promotions.
  • Clinica Dental Plaza Marina
  • 10% discount on dental services: dental cleanings, teeth whitening, guards (in csaa), occlusal guards, resins and consultations.
  • Does not apply with other promotions
  • La Traviata
  • 10% discount. CASh Only.
  • Does not apply with other promotions